Aligned With The Light

Believe you can make a difference, knowing you are not the savior of this world. Be aware that if you delay any longer in making positive moves you will deplete your energy. You will no longer be able to walk through the door your angels hold open for you.

Aligned with the light


Your heart, your body, your mind,

all aligned with the light,

vibrating in a dance with the universe

living in understanding and awareness

in the shadow spaces, the empty voidless macro

of each and every loving cell of you

the separation between you and all you envision

imaginary places filled with loving grace

So, why are you standing still?

What hinders the natural flow of this life of yours lived?

What don’t you know?

Where does one turn to when the past and the future

just won’t let go?



or do we already know

and it is only to remember

Old patterns are footsteps that waves don’t wash away


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